Press release of Ukraine Economic Outlook: Forecast for Ukraine’s economic development in 2020

Our basic forecast for the development of the Ukrainian economy in 2020 provides for two scenarios: Scenario A (subject to maintaining the current NBU policy on the so-called inflation targeting), assumes maintenance of the

Cost of Crimea: comparative characteristics of Russian and Ukrainian economies

Original source: Seeking Alpha – “Comparative characteristics of Russian, Ukrainian economies” Five years ago, anti-government demonstrations in Kyiv forced the country’s president to flee to Russia. Some of you may remember that situation from

Forecast of key macroeceonomic indicators for 2020, Ukraine Economic Outlook – Lecture Hall 2019

Full materials of Lecture Hall 2019 - Speakers' presentations

Optimal scenario for land reform

Original source : – “Оптимальный сценарий земельной реформы” The sale of land will save crop yields and become the driver of GDP growth, if it is carried out according to the optimal scenario.

Andrey Radchenko: how to make anti-corruption changes in Ukraine irreversible?

Based on Ukraine Economic Outlook research – PJSC Agrarian Fund 3 ways to the Future Introduction: Immediately take a note that this article does not contain a universal recipe for combating corruption in the