Forecast of key macroeconimic indicators for Ukrainian economy until 2022, results of Economic Lecture Hall – 2018

In 2018, the dollar equivalent of Ukraine’s GDP will be $130.5 billion. The growth of 16.8% is mainly due to the positive dynamics of commodity prices. Net raw materials export of Ukraine in 2018

About impact of the ‘Kerch crisis’ and the martial law on economic growth in 2018/19

Executive summary: According to the results of the first two days, IMF Group Ukraine has already drawn a preliminary conclusion that the so-called Kerch crisis, which has arisen and the subsequent transition to a

Украина 2024. Инвестиционный сценарий развития

Введение Для того чтобы иметь возможность перевести экономику в состояние устойчивого роста, необходимым условием является создание инвестиционно-привлекательного климата. Он предполагает  меры по  защите прав частной собственности и инвестиций,  налоговое стимулирование инвестиций,   государственное формирование пула объектов

Locomotive power sufficiency for grain transportation by rail in light of increasing grain harvests, restoration of Ukraine’s economy by 2023

The purpose of this study is to analyze whether Ukraine’s state railway monopoly Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ) will be able to cope with the growing demand for grain transportation through 2023 and the percent of UZ’s

Ukraine’s economy remains a prisoner of socialism

Why is the media, especially the Western press, which wrote about Ukraine so triumphantly three years ago, today so deeply disappointed with the lack of reform? Why, following the Euromaidan revolution, have attempts to fix